History of Kumamoto Castle

400 Years of History of “Kumamoto Castle” Is Filled with Dramatic and Historic Episodes

In 1607, Kato Kiyomasa used the state-of-art technology of that time and vast manpower to build a grand castle of Kumamoto Castle in a hilly area of Chausuyama. Since then, Kumamoto Castle has served as an important stage of various historic events of Japan for 400 years from the middle ages to modern times. Discover the colorful 400-year history of Kumamoto Castle which has been built by major characters of historic dramas including Lord Kato Kiyomasa, Miyamoto Musashi and Tani Tateki.


Must-sees near Kumamoto Castle

In Kumamoto Castle, lots of clues have been left that help us learn the lifestyles of the lords in the Edo Era and the history. In addition, you can see the latest architectural technology of the time incorporated everywhere by an expert of castle construction, Kiyomasa Kato (1562-1611). If you take the time to look around the castle, you will discover a lot.