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Inner City Transportation

Transportation within Kumamoto City consists of the following choices: LRT (Light Rail Transit/ City Tram), Kumamoto Castle Tour Bus or Taxi. The City Tram is the cheapest method of transportation if there is a tram stop nearby. There is also a bus route but it’s a little complicated as you must be able to speak and read some Japanese. Taxis are a very safe way to travel as they are managed by the police. The fare is based on the time and distance travelled therefore the price will change depending on how far or how long it takes. There are very few taxi drivers who speak English so if you don’t speak Japanese you should bring a guidebook or map to explain your destination.

How to Use the City Tram

For People Riding the City Tram!
*[PDF]Kumamoto City Tram routemap.pdf

Riding the City Tram
●Please board from the door in middle of the car.
*Some trams also have ultralow floors for easy entry and exit.
●Please pay the fare when you exit the car.

For People Getting Off the City Tram!
Stop Button
●Please push the Stop button when you wish to get off.
●Please exit through the door at the front of the car.
*The tram with the ultralow floors can be exited through both the doors at the front and the back.
●Please put the fare into the fare box when you exit the car.
The Fare is as follows: Adults ¥170, Children (under 12 years of age) ¥90.
*Change will not come out of the fare box so please be careful to use exact change.
There is a change machine in every car so please use it to make exact change for the fare.
* ¥50, ¥100, ¥500 coins and ¥1000 bills can be exchanged for smaller coins.

"Shi-den" (Streetcar) Route Map

Operated by Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau, the trams running on the Kumamoto Station Line (A-Line) and Kamikumamoto Line (B-Line) are collectively called Shi-den.

Transportation for the citizens

Kumamoto City Tram--Charmingly modern, the city's only remaining tram cars have attracted admirers from around the world. The City Tram is still being used by many citizens today.

Green Carpet Project

City Tram Kumamoto has been going green starting a new project called the "Green Carpet" which involves laying grass along some areas of the track. To clear the sky of wires, a centre pole system is being installed.

It is Interesting Just to Look.

At ¥170, riding the tram is very cheap and therefore great for tourists. There are some streetcars which have been imported from Germany with low floors. Because there are a lot of various train designs as well as many various advertisements, just looking at the City Tram is very interesting.

Transfer at Karashima-Cho!

Stop Button
●At the Karashima-Cho stop you can transfer between the A Line and B Line.
Please be sure to get a “Transfer Ticket” from the driver before you switch trains.
Please be sure to transfer within 20 minutes of exiting the first street car or your ticket will be invalid.