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Access to Kumamoto City

Access by Airplane / Access by JR / Access by Ferry

Access by Highway Bus / Access by Car

■Airplane / JR Train/ Ferry

Access by Airplane

●Area and Time required
Tokyo⇔Kumamoto, Time required - about 1hr45min
Itami⇔Kumamoto, Time required - about 1hr05min
Nagoya⇔Kumamoto,Time required - about 1hr25min
Okinawa⇔Kumamoto, Time required - about 1hr25min
Matsuyama⇔Kumamoto, Time required - about 55min
Amakusa⇔Kumamoto, Time required - about 20min
Korea(Incheon)⇔Kumamoto, Time required - about 1hr35min (3 flights per week)

●Flight Schedule and Inquiries
◆All Nippon Airline/ANA
◆Japan Airline/JAL/JEX
◆Solaseed Air
◆Amakusa Airline/AMX
◆Asiana Airlines/AAR
◆Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd.

●How to access from airport to central part of Kumamoto city
■Limousine Bus Airport⇔ central part of Kumamoto city Time required /about 40min
■Taxi airport ⇔central part of Kumamoto city Time required /about 30min

Access by JR

●Area and Time Required
Tokyo<=>Kumamoto Approx. 5 hr 15 min (by Shinkansen)

Nagoya<=>Kumamoto Approx. 3 hr 15 min (by Shinkansen)

Shin-Osaka<=>Kumamoto Approx. 2 hr 59 min (by Shinkansen)

Hakata<=>Kumamoto Approx. 34 min (by Shinkansen)

Nagasaki<=>Kumamoto Approx. 2 hr 35 min (by local lines)

Times given above are the shortest times. Transfer and other times vary, so please confirm before making your journey.

●Train Schedule and Inquiries
◆JR Kyushu

●How to access from Kumamoto Station to central part of Kumamoto

Access by Ferry

●Area and Time required
Shimabara⇔Kumamoto Time required /about 30min
Shimabara⇔Kumamoto Time required /about 1hr00min
Hondo⇔Kumamoto Time required /about 1hr05min

●Ferry Schedule and Inquiries
◆Kumamoto Ferry Co.,Ltd.