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The surrounding areas of Kumamoto City offer a wide array of interesting sites to see. How about exploring some of them?!

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Access information for those who want to fully enjoy Kumamoto

Kikuchi Gorge
Kikuchi Gorge is a great place to experience the beauty of each season. It is a nice retreat from the heat during the summer months.

Tsujunkyo bridge
This bridge is structurally and culturally a precious source of water. The water that accumulates and shoots out from the sides of the bridge is an impressive sight.

Kuma River
Kuma River is one of the fastest flowing rivers in Japan and provides those wanting adventure with a place to go rafting. Boats equipped with warm kotatsu (heated blankets) are popular during winter months.

Kumamoto city (Kumamoto City Hall), Sangyo doro, East bypass, Kyushu Highway Kumamoto IC ( To Fukuoka), Kyushu Highway Kikusui IC, route16, route 325, To Kikuchi city

・Kumamoto city( Kumamoto city hall)→Higashi bypass→ It takes about 40 minutes by car from Mifune IC.
・Kumamoto city( Kumamoto city hall)→It takes about 40 minutes by car from Matsubase IC.

Kumamoto city(Kumamoto city hall)→Sangyo road→Higashi bypass→Kyushu motorway Kumamoto IC (For Kagoshima)→You get off Kyushu superhighway at Hitoyoshi IC, and it takes about 40 minutes by car.

70-minutes from Kumamoto JR Sta. by "Dentestu" Bus

Take bus at Kotsu Transportation Center. It is a 20-minute walk Hamamachi Office bus stop.

Cows and horses can be seen grazing in the open fields near the unique and huge caldera of Aso. Many people from all over the world enjoy visiting the Aso area year-round.

Amakusa is composed of numerous islands where beautiful scenery and fresh seafood abound. It is a great place to enjoy marine sports like fishing, wind surfing, and jet skiing.

The city of Yamaga offers various treasures such as the hotsprings and the Yamaga Lantern Festival, where 1,000 women carrying delicate lanterns on their heads dance gracefully.

Kumamoto city ( Kumamoto city hall)→head for tram street, Kengun→the second air port line→Nishihara village→Tawarayama tunnel →head for MinamiAso

Kumamoto city ( Kumamoto city hall)→National route 3 →National route 57→National route 266 →Amakusa big bridge

Kumamoto city ( Kumamoto city hall ) → Kyushu superhighway → You get off at Kikusui IC then turn left on route 16

Kumamoto JR Station (JR Hohi line)→Tateno Station (Minami-aso Railway)→Aso-shimodajo Station.

From the Kotsu Transportation Center, take a bus bound for Hondo

From the Kotsu Transportation Center, it takes 60-minutes on a bus bound for Yamaga

65-minutes from Kumamoto Port to Hondo Port