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From Kumamoto city to each prefecture in Kyushu

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Kumamoto City is located in the center of Kyushu Island and is the prefectural capital of Kumamoto Prefecture. It has a long history and is known a "City of Forests" since it is blessed with an abundance of nature. When seeing the sites of Japan, Kumamoto's classic Japanese style garden known as Suizenji Park, the nearly 400-year old Kumamoto Castle, the Higo Zogan design and traditional folk handcrafts like Shohdai-yaki pottery will surely fascinate you. Moreover, Kumamoto City will leave you feeling refreshed thanks to the crystal clear water, clean air and delicious foods that its plentiful nature provide. It is our hope and belief that you will have a wonderful visit!

Notice from Kumamoto City concerning its status as a government-ordinance-designated city

Kumamoto City became a government-ordinance-designated city on April 1, 2012. The government-ordinance-designated-city system allows Kumamoto City greater authority and financial resources than under its previous “city” status. The system also provides the fullest extent of decentralization from national government, and an administration compatible with a major city.

With Kumamoto City’s change of status to a government-ordinance-designated city, it is organized into five “ku” or wards, and from April 1, 2012 addresses include a “ku” name before Kumamoto City. Addresses given for touristic sites also include a “ku” name, so please be aware of this when using addresses.

 Kumamoto Castle 1-1,Honmaru Kumamoto city
 Kumamoto Castle 1-1,Honmaru Chuo-Ku Kumamoto city

At the time this information was posted, how map services such as Google Maps are responding to this change is unconfirmed.

The five "ku"are as follows:

"Chuo-ku", “Higashi-ku”, "Nishi-ku", "Minami-ku" and "Kita-ku"

There are no changes to town names, block numbers or postal/zip codes used in addresses, or to phone numbers.
For a detailed map of Kumamoto City, please download and use the map below.

Main tower of Kumamoto Castle (Kumamoto castle is an impregnable fortress with unique architectural features that is known as one of the most famous castles in Japan.)

The Hnmaru Goten Palace,rebuit 130 years after its destruction by fire in 1877, based on historical records and archaeological surveys.

Suizenji Jojuen Park  (Why not take a stroll around this extremely refined Japanese garden?)

Aso (It takes only an hour by car from Kumamoto city to get to Aso, home of the world’s largest caldera and active volcano.)

Kumamoto City Tourism Promotion Section